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5 Steps to Follow a Healthy and Halal Modern Diet as a Busy Professional

Busy Professional? Yes. Needing some advice for how to maintain a healthy modern diet? Yes. Okay, let’s begin.

Sure, you are busy. Work, kids, new opportunities, those are often the priority. Healthy eating becomes a secondary concern in your life. So you run down to the local food store, grab the easiest and quickest thing to eat, and run back to the office for a working lunch. Even when you get home, you probably are so tired you just call up the usual takeout. This may solve the food problem but eventually it takes its toll on your health, either through weight gain, lost energy, or both.

We believe that being busy is not an excuse for not being healthy, part of our idea of the profeta lifestyle is that we live a life of balance, a life that we are able to give everything that has a right over us; we are able to fulfil its right. One of them many things is our health too!


Here are a few tips that promote maintain healthy particularly when you are extremely busy:

  1. Make a simple breakfast a priority.

People tend to be in a rush during the morning as they prepare to go to work, and they usually neglect the first meal of the day.  Breakfast is crucial to getting the body ready for the long day, particualrly if you are straight on the go as the morning begins.

Here are 2 quick sample options

  1. Probiotic-packed Greek yogurt with maybe some granola added.
  2. Spinach, banana, and coconut water smoothie with no extra added sugar

Additionally we recommend starting the day with 200ml of hot lemon water, because it will “rejuvenate your system, which has been on a fast all night long. This gives your immune system a boost, strengthens the brain, hydrates, aids digestion, and relieves stress with vitamin C.”

  1. Eat at the same time every day.

Many busy people set daily routines at the office. This way they can control the things that are controllable, leaving them mentally free to deal with whatever unexpected challenges or opportunities come their way. Eating should be no different. Having a specific time and routine for eating ensures that you are able to prepare for it and make healthier choices then rushing through a meal. Then, when the exciting food adventure comes, you can make choices accordingly.

We can use prayer times as our source of time regulation, because you must step away from work to pray, so why not add a meal to that time too..


  1. Go for the lighter lunch.

Lunch is likely the meal that most directly impacts any hard worker, because it happens in the middle of the workday. Calorie-rich business lunches can bring on health risks and joining in on the take-out group can be tempting when busy. Nothing is easier and healthier than a simple salad, which can be prepared rather quickly. Of course you need to lay off the fatty dressing and opt instead for a little lemon juice with a hint of olive oil. “Make lunch that consists of a green vegetable salad with protein, along with some sort of thin side carbs. The protein is essential for managing your energy levels throughout the day.


  1. Drink a lot of water.

People like to drink coffee throughout the workday to keep themselves energised, but I’d drink water instead to ensure that your body is clear and free of any toxins you might eat or drink, use a medium-size water bottle–that way you can take it everywhere and only have to fill it twice during the day. It’s cheaper than a mocha latte and you don’t have to take time to prepare it. If you are having coffee, do not have more than 1 cup during your working hours (except for special circumstances)


  1. Pre-portion your snacks to avoid overeating.

Snacking is one habit a lot of people get into throughout the day so that they can get something into their system. But even when avoiding junk food, people often lose track of how much they eat.

Here is your fix – A midmorning and afternoon snacks consist of pre-portioned nuts or fruit. Pre-portioning in the kitchen is most important so that you don’t get tempted to overeat. Better to put a small portion in a bowl than to take the whole bag or box of your snack.



If you’ve got some tips to share with others that we may have missed, please go ahead and list them below in the comments section so we can benefit each other!

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