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Endgame: Finishing Ramadhan Strong

Are you feeling like you could have done more this Ramadhan? Motivated to power through and make the most of the last few days? Our Nutritionist Mohammad AlKayani has some tips to share…

The blessed month of Ramadan has come, we are amongst the fortunate few that Allah chose to experience another Ramadan month and now it is coming to a close, and we need to push ourselves through this final stretch to make the most out of the last few days.

For us to end Ramadan strong, we need to defeat the Ramadan fatigue, feeling that fatigue is normal, but it is also a conscious effort for us to fight it.

As the prophet (SAW) said – “Deeds are judged by their endings” – meaning that its all about how we end this journey, if we didn’t do all that great in welcoming the month, we must do our utmost best to bid it farewell.

Imam hasan al-basri said – ‘Improve the performance for what is left, so you will be forgiven for what came before’ – So the month can still be a successful one, and we still have that opportunity to gain the most out of it and be amongst those that get forgiven by the end of it inshallah.


In order to End strong, here are some advices:

1- Get Some Rest

I can understand that this might sound counterproductive, but the reality is that our bodies and minds need rest, yes they might not need the excessive rest we sometimes give it throughout the year, but nonetheless, some rest is paramount for us to achieve our true endgame. Your body has a right upon you, so get the rest to have the energy to worship Allah with full alertness and intent.


2- Plan, Plan, Plan

When we don’t define our goals we end up doing nothing, or we end up trying and since the goal is undefined we don’t really accomplish much. So set goals for yourself, goals that are related to how much Quran you are going to read, how much voluntary prays you will pray, What dua’s you want to make…etc.

Know exactly what you want to do at the end of the month, you will be able to see a sense of accomplishment, and the repetition in your asking of Allah will give you more faith in your deeds and supplications.


3- What if this was your last day?

If you are able to remind yourself of what our true endgame is a Muslim, the life being our journey and test that we pass inshallah and become of those with their palaces in paradise, if we then remind ourselves that today might be the last opportunity we have to work towards that endgame, the last opportunity to ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

How many people do we know that were with us last Ramadan but are not now. It is a strong mindset matter that will provide you the push to finish the month well, and set yourself up for upcoming months too.


4- Eat Sensibly

The final piece of advice is a Nutrition one, after all as a Nutritionist I must mention something. 🙂

Worshipping Allah requires a combination of physical, spiritual and mental strength, we have covered an element of each above. To reinforce the physical strength, which is often a strong barrier and excuse to test our limits we will need to be eating right.

In the last nights of Ramadan it is important that we sufficient amount of food, but we don’t overindulge, we must eat high energy foods, but not overindulge, and we push ourselves to a high level of hydrations too. If you refer back to our previous Ramadan blogs you can find out what the high energy foods are, but if you want to know what overindulging is, that you must listen to your body. If you experience bloating, a feeling of fullness in the stomach, acid reflux, and sometimes feelings of guilt or deprecating self-talk – you might need to check yourself.

May Allah accept our deeds from us all, may Allah make this a successful Ramadan for us all, and May Allah grant us the opportunity to witness plenty more Ramadans to come.

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