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Looking After Your Own Nutrition as a Busy Parent

You may be looking to manage your weight more successfully, improve symptoms of an unhappy gut, account for a change in menstruation or just generally feel more energised in your day to day life. You may also feel you are officially ‘turning into your mother’ and are perhaps looking to what health problems she has incurred and how you can best prevent them. The right nutrition has a huge role to play in our well-being, performance and resilience in life whether our goal is to get the kids out of the house in one piece or to complete a triathlon.

What may have worked in the past, might not be working now and as always a parent can find it quite poignant to remember that children learn through modelling. But we are not perfect and we’re not supposed to be, so here are some common themes in people that usually seem to work.

This Blog post is aimed not to give you weight management tips, but rather eating right and managing Nutritional deficiencies.

Children’s snacks, and your snacks

If we could somehow become more proactive and less reactive about our own food choices we would be so much better off. Snacking is not bad particularly if there are big gaps between meals. We are more likely to snack on the healthy stuff if we make them available. Put the fruit bowl near the front door and always take some for yourself as well as the children.

3pm Burnout

Snacking at this time is often very emotionally driven and not very nutritious! It lacks planning and can cruise on through until 5pm when we’re feeding the family or facing the dreaded commute home. You are now building up the calories, but not fulfilling your body’s needs for some micronutrients which support our bodies and help us thrive.

Prepare that snack, such as edamame beans, oatcakes and peanut butter, popcorn and a Babybel, a pulse and grain bar.. Etc. Mindful eating will ultimately support a healthier diet, compared to grazing and picking continuously.

Craving some “me” time?

That precious time when your chores are done and you can ‘relax’ hopefully is often accompanied with – I deserve this treat – type of food. Complete denial of these essential parental coping strategies will not pave the way for success, but quantity control will. A smaller bowl of snacks can be it..

Now we all know that time when you just want to lie in bed, you don’t have the energy to move, and your facebook/instagram feed suddenly becomes the most important thing you need to do in that moment. Well, it isn’t. Just go to bed. Lack of sleep is a highway robbery of  your body’s energy, stress hormones go up, your gut plays up and your body fuels get preoccupied elsewhere other than your brain. We need certain hormones for a healthy metabolism which are usually secreted when we sleep. So give yourself that all required shut eye.

Its not always just in the diet, or the pills – its in the routine and mindset that you can find ease, management, and energy. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by one bad day, replenish the energy of that day by giving your personal care some thought too. The benefits you reap will be for you, for the kids, and all those around you too.

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