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Nutritional Needs for your Family

The importance of a balanced diet for our children

Good nutrition depends on eating all the essential nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, protein, and of course vitamins which ideally should be sourced typically from a healthy diet.

It is important to ensure as parents wanting a suitably assuredly halal diet for our children, the knowledge and dietary choices are available to make such choices. Every mother and father wants to make sure that nutrition doesn’t limit their child’s ability to excel in their lives. Part of this means educating them holistically; whether that be how to read their first page of the Holy Qur’an or how to prepare them for adulthood and raising children themselves.

The diet we raise our children with leaves lasting impact in future generations and community development, so it’s of crucial importance we are able to educate children with the ability to identify the correct understanding of what it means to have a balanced and wholesome diet.

How to pack your kids a healthy lunch box

As mentioned earlier in the blog, having a balanced diet is key for any child. Growing children who don’t eat a varied diet, sometimes don’t get enough Vitamins A to C whilst also struggling to get enough Vitamin D through food alone. This is why it is important to have a balanced diet of nutrients within a lunch box, but equally important to understand that children may need additional vitamins and supplements in order to ensure they are getting what their bodies require.

Are vitamins/supplements really needed for our children?

The Department of Health recommends that all children aged 6 months to 5 years are given vitamins and supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day. Whilst the NHS also recommends that babies who are being breastfed from birth are given a daily Vitamin D supplement, whether or not the mother is taking a Vitamin D supplement themselves.

It is crucially important that children and parents alike are provided with choices of supplements that allow the daily dose of the required vitamins to be consumed in an effective and palatable manner. This makes the intaking of the necessary nutrients not seen as a chore but moreover a pleasure and an ingredient to success in life and development.

Supplements needed for children and the family

The ZamVits product bundle is an ideal way for children as young as one year old and adults to get their vitamin doses readily. The oral sprays are more effective than tablets because they are absorbed by the body more quickly and are able to be used more effectively. These products can last anywhere up to a year depending on the age of the user!

If you and your children need something a little more fun, tailor designed and rewarding then our gummies bundle is a no-brainer! It includes optimised Vitamin gummies which are a best-seller for Profeta. Just 1-gummy-a-day allows children to be able to acquire a multitude of their daily dose of vitamins. In the bundle also included are: Omega 3 gummies, Vitamin C gummies and OsteoUltra chewables formulated to provide strength to bones and development for your child.

We aren’t neglecting the parents of course! Profeta has a range of products for adults including those tailored for men and women such as Men’s Optimised Vitamins and Womens Optimised Vitamins to aid the health of your entire family!

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