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Story: Birth through a need

Profeta Health invested heavily in research and development, holding in-depth market research with typical Muslim consumers to understand the deepest aches, pains and nutritional deficiencies within our communities. Our research showed a glaring problem in the industry of not having a completely halal alternative healthcare brand, inspired by Muslims for the mass Muslim market.


Providing the best quality products for the most competitive prices, along with a dire need to have a 100% halal provider. We also found that whilst the mass Muslim market although knowing about a deep-rooted Islamic heritage in prophetic medicines that the religion of Islam was rich in, felt let down that there was no infusion of a prophetic approach to modern-day medicines which were readily available.

Market Research: Alternative range (for the whole family)

We spoke in great detail to our customers, pharmacists, and GPs to make a prioritised list of 15 products most required in the healthcare market. Our first wave of product research began.

We felt the great burden on our shoulders for not only providing an assuredly halal and competitive provider but reconnecting our market with a deep-rooted Islamic heritage infusing modern-day technology with a deep-rooted Prophetic approach.


Our first wave of products was born in our ProfVits and ZamVits range. Profvits catering for an extensive range of needs, and providing products from gummies to tablets for the pregnancy process & the ZamVits range which infuses Zam Zam water with a vitamin D/Multivitamin formula.


Getting halal certification

We hold some of the most renowned halal certifications to ensure none of our products are manufactured with non-halal (haram: Pork, non-halal animal-based, alcohol) ingredients or processes. We hold certifications from Jakim and HMC.

Both bodies ensuring the Profeta Family has no concerns at all with regards to consumer confidence in the Profeta range.

High-quality manufacture (GMP)

For you, our Profeta family, we have ensured all the best quality ingredients and manufacturing processes have been used to make sure that the product range we offer is of the highest quality and allows you complete consumer confidence in shopping from our range, inspired and made by you for you.

We monitor and ensure our products are at the highest quality, both in the manufacture and the halal credibility. Our products are manufactured under GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, following the strictest of regulations monitoring of manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality of products are made. We also hold ISO 9001 certifications for the manufacture of Profeta Health products, ensuring that the Quality control is optimised.


Prophetic medicines combined with modern methodologies and production

Profeta Health is inspired and sets ambitious aims to combine prophetic medicines and ingredients with modern-day best-selling formulations to not only provide an alternative and assuredly halal product. But to produce products that resonate both scientifically and spiritually with our Profeta Family (You!).


We have a hotbed of great innovative ideas and are constantly researching in our incubator to see how we can combine known prophetic ingredients with the next most useful and beneficial supplements for you and your family.

Holistic Profeta Lifestyle: The Health Hub

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